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Solids accumulation in six full-scale subsurface flow constructed wetlands.
In this study, we evaluated the amount of accumulated solids in six different horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetlands (SSF CWs). We also investigated the relationship between accumulatedExpand
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Subsurface-flow constructed wetlands in Spain for the sanitation of small communities: A comparative study
Abstract In comparison with other European countries, constructed wetlands may still be considered a recent technology in Spain. A survey of the systems treating urban wastewater in this countryExpand
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Behavior of selected priority organic pollutants in horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetlands: a preliminary screening.
A discrete injection experiment was carried out in a constructed wetland to evaluate the behavior of selected priority pollutants. A horizontal subsurface flow pilot plant located in the NE of SpainExpand
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Treatment of Hydroponics Wastewater Using Constructed Wetlands in Winter Conditions
Hydroponics culture generates large amounts of wastewater that are highly concentrated in nitrate and phosphorus but contains almost no organic carbon. Constructed wetlands (CWs) have been proposedExpand
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The effect of primary treatment and flow regime on clogging development in horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetlands: An experimental evaluation.
The effect of both the type of primary treatment (hydrolitic up-flow sludge blanket (HUSB) reactor and conventional settling) and the flow regime (batch and continuous) on clogging development inExpand
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Contaminant removal efficiency depending on primary treatment and operational strategy in horizontal subsurface flow treatment wetlands
Abstract This study aimed to evaluate the contaminant removal efficiency of shallow horizontal subsurface flow treatment wetlands (SSF TWs) as a function of (1) primary treatment (hydrolytic upflowExpand
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Operational, design and microbial aspects related to power production with microbial fuel cells implemented in constructed wetlands.
This work aimed at determining the amount of energy that can be harvested by implementing microbial fuel cells (MFC) in horizontal subsurface constructed wetlands (HSSF CWs) during the treatment ofExpand
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Treatment of swine wastewater with subsurface-flow constructed wetlands in Yucatán, Mexico: Influence of plant species and contact time
This study evaluates the capability of horizontal subsurface-flow constructed wetlands (SSF CWs) for treating pretreated swine wastewater as a function of contact time (CT) and type of macrophyteExpand
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Short-term harmful effects of ammonia nitrogen on activated sludge microfauna.
The response of activated sludge microfauna in terms of abundance and diversity has been analysed to evaluate both the toxic effect of ammonia nitrogen and the acclimatisation capacity of theseExpand
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Assessing the economic suitability of aeration and the influence of bed heating on constructed wetlands treatment efficiency and life-span
Abstract Constructed wetlands including aeration and heating were studied to improve treatment efficiency and prevent clogging. The experiments were carried out in a pilot plant (0.4 m 2 ) treatingExpand
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