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A Redetermination of the Mass of Procyon
The parallax and astrometric orbit of Procyon have been redetermined from PDS measurements of over 250 photographic plates spanning 83 years, with roughly 600 exposures used in the solution. TheseExpand
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Asteroseismology of the DOV star PG 1159 - 035 with the Whole Earth Telescope
Results are reported from 264.1 hr of nearly continuous time-series photometry on the pulsating prewhite dwarf star (DPV) PG 1159 - 035. The power spectrum of the data set is completely resolved intoExpand
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Whole earth telescope observations of the DBV white dwarf GD 358
We report on the analysis of 154 hours of early continuous high-speed photometry on the pulsating DB white dwarf (DBV) GD 358, obtained during the Whole Earth Telescope (WET) run of 1990 May. TheExpand
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Whole Earth Telescope observations of the pulsating hot white dwarf PG 1707+427
We report on the analysis of multisite time-series photometry of the pulsating pre-white dwarf (GW Vir star) PG 1707+427, obtained by the Whole Earth Telescope collaboration. This is the last of theExpand
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Understanding the Cool DA White Dwarf, G29-38
The white dwarfs are promising laboratories for the study of cosmochronology and stellar evolution. Through observations of the pulsating white dwarfs, we can measure their internal structures andExpand
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A Whole Earth Telescope campaign on the pulsating subdwarf B binary system PG 1336-018 (NY Vir)
We present results from a multisite (‘Whole Earth Telescope’) photometric campaign on PG 1336−018, the close eclipsing binary system containing a pulsating subdwarf B (sdB) star. The main part of theExpand
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Asteroseismology of RXJ 2117+3412, the hottest pulsating PG 1159 star
The pulsating PG 1159 planetary nebula central star RXJ 2117+3412 has been observed over three successive seasons of a multisite photometric campaign. The asteroseismological analysis of the data,Expand
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Asteroseismology of the PG 1159 star PG 0122+200
Context. The variable pre-white dwarf PG 1159 stars (GW Vir) are g-mode non-radial pulsators. Asteroseismology puts strong constraints on their global parameters and internal structure. PG 0122+200Expand
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A detection of the evolutionary time scale of the DA white dwarf G117 - B15A with the Whole Earth Telescope
The time rate of change for the main pulsation period of the 13,000 K DA white dwarf G117 - B15A has been detected using the Whole Earth Telescope (WET). The observed rate of period change, P(dot) =Expand
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