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The experimental production of krimpsiekte in sheep with Tylecodon grandiflorus (Burm.f.) Toelken and some of its bufadienolides.
A mild to moderate, acute to subacute, multifocal cardiomyopathy was evident in sheep poisoned by both the plant and the bufadienolides. Expand
Modification of the spectrophotometric determination of ketone bodies in blood enabling the total recovery of beta-hydroxybutyric acid.
  • J. Procos
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Clinical chemistry
  • 1 April 1961
A method is described for the determination of ketone bodies in blood, based on (1) their conversion to acetone by boiling in Greenberg and Lester's microrefluxing units, (2) the reaction of acetoneExpand
Glucose turnover, tolerance and insulin response in wethers, ewes and pregnant ewes in the fed and fasted state.
Fasting reduced the plasma clearance rate of glucose by c. Expand
Krimpsiekte and acute cardiac glycoside poisoning in sheep caused by bufadienolides from the plant Kalanchoe lanceolata Forsk.
Three toxic bufadienolides , one characterized as hellibrigenin 3-acetate, have been isolated from Kalanchoe lanceolata Forsk and Histopathological examination revealed a mild to severe multifocal cardiomyopathy in sheep receiving plant material or bufadiensolides. Expand
An accurate, sensitive and reproducible method for the colorimetric estimation of free fatty acids in plasma.
A sensitive and reproducible method permitting the estimation of 0,030-3,000 mM free fatty acids (FFA) in plasma with a standard error of 0,006 5 was developed. The method is based on the extractionExpand
Ovine ketosis. IV. The effect of alloxan on the ketone body and blood sugar levels of Merino wethers
A small number of workers have previously studied this condition in ruminants, but blood sugar and ketone body levels were found to rise on an average to a maximum of 260 mg per per cent and the latter to one of 4 · 9 mg per cent. Expand
Ovine ketosis. 6. The effect of starvation on the blood levels of ketones and glucose in pregnant ewes from the Karoo and the Highveld regions of South Africa.
Evidence which indicates the participation of yet further factors in the production of pregnancy ketosis in South Africa is presented in this paper. Expand
Ovine ketosis. 1. The normal ketone body values
A detailed survey of the blood ketone body levels in healthy Merino ewes and wethers is made as a preliminary to more detailed studies on the carbohydrate and fat metabolism of these animals. Expand