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Structural Violence: Hidden Brutality in the Lives of Women
The Apotheosis of Home and the Maintenance of Spaces of Violence
  • J. Price
  • Engineering
  • Hypatia
  • 1 November 2002
The “Home” is ideologically understood as a place of safety and refuge. Such an account cloaks violence against women. The voices of battered women can disrupt that dominant construction of the spaceExpand
Prison and Social Death
The United States imprisons more of its citizens than any other nation in the world. To be sentenced to prison is to face systematic violence, humiliation, and, perhaps worst of all, separation fromExpand
Participatory research as disruptive?: a report on a conflict in social science paradigms at a criminal justice agency promoting alternatives to incarceration
This is an ethnographic study of a clash of two paradigms of knowledge in an organization that provides alternatives‐to‐incarceration programs for the criminal justice system in a large city. As aExpand
"Junk science" in the courtroom. Causes and effects.
Translating social science: Good versus bad utopianism
Insufficient attention has been paid in Translation Studies to the challenges particular to translating social scientific texts. Of the few who have taken up the topic, Immanuel Wallerstein hasExpand
Hybrid languages, translation and post-colonial challenges
El multilinguismo, la creolizacion y la hibridacion son fenomenos centrales del lenguaje. Las lenguas llevan consigo huellas de prestamos creativos y tambien cambios sufridos a fuerza de laExpand
Psychic investment in cruelty: three parables on race and imprisoning the mentally ill
Abstract Drawing on ethnographic and activist work in New York, I analyze three contemporary cases of mentally ill people charged violent crimes. State violence against them can be characterized as aExpand