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Quantum Computing in the NISQ era and beyond
Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum (NISQ) technology will be available in the near future. Expand
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Topological quantum memory
We analyze surface codes, the topological quantum error-correcting codes introduced by Kitaev. In these codes, qubits are arranged in a two-dimensional array on a surface of nontrivial topology, andExpand
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Black holes as mirrors: Quantum information in random subsystems
We study information retrieval from evaporating black holes, assuming that the internal dynamics of a black hole is unitary and rapidly mixing, and assuming that the retriever has unlimited controlExpand
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Topological entanglement entropy.
We formulate a universal characterization of the many-particle quantum entanglement in the ground state of a topologically ordered two-dimensional medium with a mass gap. We consider a disk in theExpand
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Encoding a qubit in an oscillator
Quantum error-correcting codes are constructed that embed a finite-dimensional code space in the infinite-dimensional Hilbert space of a system described by continuous quantum variables. These codesExpand
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Holographic quantum error-correcting codes: toy models for the bulk/boundary correspondence
A bstractWe propose a family of exactly solvable toy models for the AdS/CFT correspondence based on a novel construction of quantum error-correcting codes with a tensor network structure. OurExpand
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Security of quantum key distribution with imperfect devices
This paper prove the security of the Bennett-Brassard (BB84) quantum key distribution protocol in the case where the source and detector are under the limited control of an adversary. Expand
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Quantum accuracy threshold for concatenated distance-3 codes
We prove a new version of the quantum threshold theorem that applies to concatenationof a quantum code that corrects only one error, and we use this theorem to derive arigorous lower bound on the quantum accuracy" threshold e0. Expand
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Reliable quantum computers
  • J. Preskill
  • Physics, Mathematics
  • Proceedings of the Royal Society of London…
  • 16 May 1997
The new field of quantum error correction has developed spectacularly since its origin less than two years ago. Encoded quantum information can be protected from errors that arise due to uncontrolledExpand
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