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Rare species, the coincidence of diversity hotspots and conservation strategies
SPECIES conservation in situ requires networks of protected areas selected for high conservation interest1–3. Throughout most of the world, however, there are neither the resources nor the time toExpand
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The Gaps between Theory and Practice in Selecting Nature Reserves
Over the last three decades a great deal of research, money, and effort have been put into the devel- opment of theory and techniques designed to make conservation more efficient. Much of the recentExpand
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Correcting for variation in recording effort in analyses of diversity hotspots
Interpretation of large-scale faunal and floral survey data is often frustrated by the bias caused by variation in recording intensity. Using distribution data for Odonata and Hepaticae from theExpand
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Species richness covariance in higher taxa: empirical tests of the biodiversity indicator concept
The distribution of much of the world's biodiversity is poorly known. It is suggested that the species richness of certain indicator taxa may reflect that of other, poorly studied taxa, making theExpand
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Comparison of flow rates of holes versus cross-cut teats for bottle-fed babies.
Under laboratory conditions the flow rates of two types of teat were compared. The openings of Group A teats were in the form of a cross-cut measuring 1.5 mm in radius plus a small central hole.Expand
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Parallels between wind and crowd loading of bridges
Parallels between the dynamic response of flexible bridges under the action of wind and under the forces induced by crowds allow each field to inform the other. Expand
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A preliminary assessment of the contribution of nature reserves to biodiversity conservation in Great Britain
As a signatory of the Convention on Biological Diversity, the United Kingdom (UK) Government is obliged to conserve and enhance biodiversity. One step towards addressing this goal is to determine theExpand
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Wastewater treatment using a vertically moving biofilm system followed by a sand filter
Abstract The design and operation of wastewater treatment systems for single houses, farms, hotels, leisure centres, small communities and small businesses are a challenge to wastewater engineers. InExpand
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Human fetal liver gamma/delta T cells predominantly use unusual rearrangements of the T cell receptor delta and gamma loci expressed on both CD4+CD8- and CD4-CD8- gamma/delta T cells
Substantial numbers of both alpha/beta and gamma/delta T cells are present in human fetal liver, which suggests a role of the fetal liver in T cell development. The diversity of fetal liver T cellExpand
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The Global Population Dynamics Database
name of the dataset: full name of the dataset: Global Population Dynamics Database type of dataset (more information): species/taxa database (e.g. red list database) specify: collection of animal andExpand
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