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Traumatic brain injury in high school athletes.
CONTEXT The potential seriousness of mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) is increasingly recognized; however, information on the frequency of MTBI among high school athletes is limited. OBJECTIVE ToExpand
Injury patterns in selected high school sports: a review of the 1995-1997 seasons.
OBJECTIVE To characterize the risk of injury associated with 10 popular high school sports by comparing the relative frequency of injury and selected injury rates among sports, as well as theExpand
Sex-Related Injury Patterns among Selected High School Sports
This cohort observational study was undertaken to test the hypothesis that the incidence of injuries for girls participating in high school sports is greater than that for boys. From 1995 throughExpand
Cerebral Concussion in Athletes: Evaluation and Neuropsychological Testing
OBJECTIVETo conduct a topic review of studies related to cerebral concussion in athletes, as an aid to improving decision-making and outcomes. METHODSWe review the literature to provide an historicalExpand
Recovery from mild concussion in high school athletes.
OBJECT A computerized neuropsychological test battery was conducted to evaluate memory dysfunction and self-reporting of symptoms in a group of high school athletes who had suffered concussion. Expand
Concussion in Professional Football: Epidemiological Features of Game Injuries and Review of the Literature—Part 3
OBJECTIVEA 6-year study was performed to determine the circumstances, causes, and outcomes of concussions in the National Football League. METHODSBetween 1996 and 2001, the epidemiological featuresExpand
Hamstring Muscle Strains in Professional Football Players
Background: Investigations into hamstring strain injuries at the elite level exist in sports such as Australian Rules football, rugby, and soccer, but no large-scale study exists on the incidence andExpand
Twelve Years of National Football League Concussion Data
Background: Concussion in the National Football League (NFL) remains an important issue. An initial description of the injury epidemiology involved 6 years from 1996 to 2001. Hypothesis: TheExpand
Hip Injuries and Labral Tears in the National Football League
Background Injuries to the hip account for approximately 10% of all injuries in football, but definitive diagnosis is often challenging. Although these injuries are often uncomplicated contusions orExpand
Midfoot Sprains in Collegiate Football Players
We studied midfoot sprains in collegiate football players to define and document incidence, mechanisms, injury patterns, and disabilities. Twenty-three athletes with 24 injuries from 1987 throughExpand