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Evolution of Cretaceous to Eocene alluvial and carbonate platform sequences in central and south Jordan.
The Cretaceous to Eocene succession in central and south Jordan is characterised by passive continental margin depositional sequences, which pass upward from alluvial/paralic to carbonate shelf andExpand
Are we now living in the Anthropocene
The term Anthropocene, proposed and increasingly employed to denote the current interval of anthropogenic global environmental change, may be discussed on stratigraphic grounds. A case can be madeExpand
Stratigraphy of the Anthropocene
The Anthropocene, an informal term used to signal the impact of collective human activity on biological, physical and chemical processes on the Earth system, is assessed using stratigraphic criteria and includes geologically novel aspects and geologically will have permanent effects. Expand
Jurassic sedimentation in the Cleveland Basin: a review
SUMMARY This review combines two Presidential Addresses (2005, 2006) and aims to provides an up-to-date overview of the stratigraphy and sedimentation of the Jurassic sequence of the Cleveland BasinExpand
Late ordovician—early silurian glaciofluvial deposits preserved in palaeovalleys in South Jordan
Abstract Periglacial, fluvial strata of Late Ordovician age, infilling incised palaeovalleys in the lower part of the shallow-marine, siliciclastic Khreim Group (Late Ordovician to Silurian) areExpand
Trace Elements in Fish Overlying Subaqueous Tailings in the Tropical West Pacific
From 1972–1989, Bougainville Copper Limited (BCL) dischargedmine tailings into Empress Augusta Bay on the west coast ofBougainville Island, Papua New Guinea. For a decade(1977–1987), trace elementsExpand
A revised correlation of Carboniferous rocks in the British Isles
The report revises and expands upon the 1976 and 1978 publications for the Dinantian and Silesian, respectively, combining them into a single account of British and Irish Carboniferous stratigraphy.Expand