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Improved Mecanum Wheel Design for Omni-directional Robots
Omni-directional is used to describe the ability of a system to move instantaneously in any direction from any configuration. Omnidirectional robotic platforms have vast advantages over aExpand
Effect of Material and Process Specific Factors on the Strength of Printed Parts in Fused Filament Fabrication: A Review of Recent Developments
A hierarchical approach is used to analyze the materials, process parameters, and void control before identifying existing research gaps and future research directions, with main focus on the strength and ductility. Expand
Design and development of an extrusion system for 3D printing biopolymer pellets
This paper presents a pellet-based extrusion system for the 3D printing of biopolymers that has been designed from the first principles and therefore can be extended to other materials with parameter adjustments or slight hardware modifications. Expand
Review of the human masticatory system and masticatory robotics
Masticatory robots developed for dental training, jaw simulation, food texture and breakdown analysis, and speech therapy are described with regard to muscle modelling, TMJ models, masticatory biomechanics and controls of actuation. Expand
Internet Control Of A Domestic Robot Using A Wireless Lan
The control of domestic robots can be carried out in a wireless networked environment. This allows for realistic real time control that can be achieved through the declarative definition of networkedExpand
Kinematics and Experiments of a Life-Sized Masticatory Robot for Characterizing Food Texture
A life-sized masticatory robot, which is intended to chew foods in a human way while the food properties are evaluated, of a 6RSS parallel mechanism is discussed in this paper. A robotic mechanism isExpand
Robot-assisted 3D printing of biopolymer thin shells
The design, development, and testing of a robot-assisted biopolymer thin shell free-form printing system is presented. This fused-deposition style printing system directly extrudes pellets ofExpand
A comparison and analysis of RGB-D cameras' depth performance for robotics application
This paper investigates and compares RGB-D cameras' performance in terms of depth image quality, depth clouds distribution, etc, and performance and configuration methods of frequently used cameras, e.g. PrimeSense, Kinect V1 and Kinect V2, in order to provide useful advice when choosing a camera for robotic applications. Expand
Object-oriented knowledge representation and discovery of human chewing behaviours
An object-oriented model is developed and described in Unified Modelling Language (UML) and a complete representation of the chewing behaviour is achieved by linking three object models via an additional class for chewing data that is collected experimentally. Expand
A review of commercially available exoskeletons' capabilities
There is an opportunity to enhance the speed, mobility, stability, and cost of medical exoskeletons, which is presented below. Expand