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The effects of low temperature on seedling growth of maize genotypes
Miedema,P., J. Post&P.J. Groot, 1987. The effects of low temperature on seedling growth of maize genotypes. Agric. Res. Rep. (Versl. landbouwk. Onderz.) 926, ISBN 90 220 0919 X, (x) + 124 p., 54Expand
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The length of stomata as an indicator for polyploidy in rye-grasses
The suitability of stomata length as a criterion in the distinction between diploid and tetraploid rye-grass plants was tested.From the data it appears that diploid and tetraploid plants can beExpand
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Linkage between tolerance to high soil acidity and genetically high protein content in the kernel of wheat,Triticum aestivum L. and its possible use in breeding
SummaryThe winter wheat variety Atlas 66 has both the characteristics high protein content in the kernel and tolerance to high soil acidity. In a group of 121 F4 lines, all derived from crosses withExpand
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Coagulable protein in potato: Screening method and prospects for breeding
SummaryFrom tubers of 34 varieties of Solanum tuberosum, extracts were prepared and analysed for crude protein and coagulable protein by the Kjeldahl method. Content of coagulable protein wasExpand
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Moisture Content and Density of Smectites
The measured density of smectites, using ASTM Test Method for Specific Gravity of Soils (D 854) and ASTM Method for Laboratory Determination of Water (Moisture) Content of Soil, Rock, andExpand
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