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Problem Definitions and Policy Agendas
  • J. Portz
  • Political Science
  • 1 September 1996
Problem definition is a key part of the policy process. Policy problems can be defined in different ways, and different definitions often compete for the attention of policymakers and for privilegedExpand
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This paper is part of a larger project comparing civic capacity and urban education in 11 American cities. The paper is divided into four sections. The first section attempts to explain why civicExpand
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City Schools and City Politics: Institutions and Leadership in Pittsburgh, Boston, and St. Louis
Educational reform is one of the most critical issues facing our cities, but some cities are better at it than others. To explain why, this book relates education to politics, showing how the "wholeExpand
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Supporting Education Reform
There is a general consensus that broad community support is important for successful urban education reform. More controversial, however, is how to achieve that support. This article analyzes twoExpand
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The Politics of Plant Closings
The spectre of a plant closing can cast a deep shadow over a city. During the last fifteen years plant closings have eliminated about 15 million factory jobs and, as a result, brought economicExpand
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Biotechnology and Economic Development: The Role of the States
In recent years policymakers in a number of American states have chosen biotechnology as a key element in their economic development efforts. With visions of business growth and new jobs, stateExpand
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State Economic Development Programs: The Trials and Tribulations of Implementation
During the 1980s, state governments initiated an array of economic development policies and programs. Although plans were numerous, obstacles to implementation were equally evident. This articleExpand
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