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High School Psychology Revisited: Student Performance In A College-Level Psychology Course.
Abstract There were no differences in achievement in a college-level general psychology course between students who had completed a high school psychology course and those students who had notExpand
Dictionary of Concepts in General Psychology
An illustrated history of American psychology
This work contains photographs of American psychologists. Asterisks are placed by the name of each person whose work is discussed in a different section of the text. The asterisk indicates that theExpand
Verbal Facility and Delayed Speech Feedback
Investigations of delayed speech feedback phenomena, "artificial stuttering," have concentrated on either the phenomena or the experimental conditions inducing them. The present study was directedExpand
A syllabus of the exoskeletal defenses
This theoretical paper generalizes certain diverse forms of behavior as exoskeletal defenses—a modification or enhancement of the body that subsidizes the psychological integrity of the person. ThisExpand
A Cross Cultural Contribution to the Cannabis Experience
Between 1893 and 1931 Delabarre accumulated a mass of data, the results of 38 years of collecting information and emprically observing responses to Cannabis indica. Since indica (hashish) andExpand
The Tattoo as an Exoskeletal Defense
The acquisition and display of a tattoo has been suggested as a particularly versatile variety of exoskeletal defense, i.e., an enhancement of the body that subsidizes the psychological integrity ofExpand
Variability of the Bender Gestalt Designs
A psychologist who has internalized the belief that accuracy is a condition necessary for scientific endeavor will find his anxieties aroused by comparing representations of the Bender GestaltExpand