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Influence of Polyphenols on Bacterial Biofilm Formation and Quorum-sensing
Abstract Many bacteria utilize sophisticated regulatory systems to ensure that some functions are only expressed when a particular population density has been reached. The term ‘quorumsensing’ hasExpand
Flavanol binding of nuclei from tree species
Light microscopy was used to examine the nuclei of five tree species with respect to the presence of flavanols. Flavanols develop a blue colouration in the presence of a specialExpand
Are Histones the Targets for Flavan-3-ols (Catechins) in Nuclei?
Abstract Binding of flavan-3-ols to nuclei is characteristic of Tsuga canadensis (coniferous tree). This is achieved with the DMACA reagent (ρ-dimethylaminocinnamaldehyde), which stains almostExpand
Spectrometric titrations : analysis of chemical equilibria
Part 1 The theoretical and methodological basis of spectrometric titration: basic principles and the classification of titration methods graphic treatment of the data from a spectometric titrationExpand
Effects of varied EGCG and (+)-catechin concentrations on proinflammatory cytokines mrna expression in cona-stimulated primary white blood cell cultures.
EGCG [(-)-epigallocatechin gallate] and (+)-catechin hydrate are flavanoids, which are known as anticancer and healthy drugs. To test the immune modulatory effects of EGCG and catechin, variousExpand
Kinetic studies of the liquid phase peptide synthesis.
Interferometric immunoassay in a FIA-system: a sensitive and rapid approach in label-free immunosensing
Abstract Optical measurement principles gather growing attention in the field of immunosensors. Label-free systems for online monitoring are of special interest with respect to speed and cost.Expand
Flavonoids in plant nuclei: detection by laser microdissection and pressure catapulting (LMPC), in vivo staining, and uv–visible spectroscopic titration
Previous studies in our laboratory have indicated that the nuclei of a number of trees are associated with flavonoids, especially flavan--3--ols. In the present study, three techniques were appliedExpand
Penicillinase optodes : substrate determinations using batch, continuous flow and flow injection analysis operation conditions
Abstract Determination of penicillin G is shown with two different sensor types and with three different working conditions for each sensor. A universal sensor head has been constructed for thisExpand
New methods for spectrometric peak purity analysis in chromatography 1 Dedicated to Prof. Dr. E. Bay
Abstract Simple methods for peak purity analysis in chromatography are proposed for accurately assaying the chromatographic or electrophoretic process by spectroscopy. With these methods, the purityExpand