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The Analytic S-Matrix
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Quantum Theory: A Very Short Introduction
1. Classical cracks 2. The light dawns 3. Darkening Perplexities 4. Further developments 5. Togetherness 6. Lessons and meanings
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Abstract A study is made of theories having the unusual analyticity properties recently proposed by Lee and Wick. A prescription is given for setting up a covariant perturbation-theory expansion ofExpand
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Christianity and Science
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Singularities of the Second Type
A new class of singularities associated with Landau‐Cutkosky diagrams is investigated. They correspond to solutions of the Landau equations with infinite internal momenta. Some of their propertiesExpand
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Perceiving Ordinary Magic: Science and Intuitive Wisdom
Jeremy W Hayward 1984 Boulder, Colorado: New Science Library/Shambhala xi + 323 pp price £10.95 (paperback) ISBN 0 87773 297 3 Reality is complex, and the intellectual insights of science needExpand
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The Work of Love: Creation as Kenosis
The development of kenotic ideas was one of the most important advances in theological thinking in the late twentieth century. In The Work of Love eleven foremost theologians and scientists discussExpand
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The Nature of Physical Reality
Abstract. This account of the dynamical theory of chaos leads to a metaphysical picture of a world with an open future, in which the laws of physics are emergent-downward approximations to a moreExpand
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