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Natural antioxidants from herbs and spices
There is a growing interest in natural antioxidants found in plants because of the world-wide trend toward the use of natural additives in food and cosmetics. Herbs and spices are one of the mostExpand
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Trees, forests and water : Cool insights for a hot world
Forest-driven water and energy cycles are poorly integrated into regional, national, continental and global decision-making on climate change adaptation, mitigation, land use and water management.Expand
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Natural antioxidants for food use
Abstract There is a general trend towards replacing the use of synthetic antioxidants in food processing by the addition of natural oxidation inhibitors or by the preferential use of ingredients thatExpand
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Are natural antioxidants better – and safer – than synthetic antioxidants?
Antioxidants are necessary in the Western diet as it is rich in polyenoic fatty acids, which are easily oxidized with formation of free radicals that are harmful if present in higher amounts.Expand
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Antioxidants in food : practical applications
Part 1 Antioxidants and food stability: The development of oxidative rancidity in foods Inhibiting oxidation Measuring antioxidant activity. Part 2 Antioxidants and health: Cardiovascular disease andExpand
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Antioxidants in food
ion Electron
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Physical refining of edible oils
Crude oils obtained by oilseed processing have to be refined before the consumption in order to remove undesirable accompanying substances. The traditional alkali refining is often replaced byExpand
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Antioxidants in Food Preservation
CONTENTS 11.1 Rancidity of Fats, Oils, and Fatty Foods 260 11.1.1 Types of Rancidity 260 11.1.2 Mechanism of Oxidative Rancidity 260 Initiation Reactions 261 Propagation ReactionsExpand
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The restoration of fish ponds in agricultural landscapes
Abstract Fish ponds in central and eastern Europe are artificial lakes of less than 1 ha to several 100 ha in size. Some of them were created around 900 years ago. These fish ponds form an importantExpand
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