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Chapter 14
Abstract We describe Paratoceras tedfordi, a new species of Protoceratidae from early Miocene amber-bearing sands near Simojovel, Chiapas, southern Mexico. The holotypic cranium weakly expressesExpand
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Plasmodium dominicana n. sp. (Plasmodiidae: Haemospororida) from Tertiary Dominican amber
  • J. Poinar
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Systematic Parasitology
  • 1 May 2005
Plasmodium dominicana n. sp. is described from Tertiary Dominican Republic amber. The description is based on oöcysts, sporozoites and possible microgametes and an ookinete in the body-cavity of aExpand
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Paleoculicis minututs (Diptera: Culicidae) n. Gen., n. Sp., from Cretaceous Canadian amber, with a summary of described fossil mosquitoes
A new genus and species of fossil mosquito (Diptera: Culicidae) is described from Canadian Cretaceous amber, thus providing the first undeniable record of this group from the Cretaceous Period.Expand
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Tapeworm Eggs in a 270 Million-Year-Old Shark Coprolite
Remains of parasites in vertebrates are rare from the Mesozoic and Paleozoic. Once most parasites that live in – or pass through – the gastrointestinal tract of vertebrates, fossil feces (coprolites)Expand
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Palaeoleptochromus schaufussi (gen.nov., sp.nov.), a new antlike stone beetle (Coleoptera: Scydmaenidae) from Canadian Cretaceous amber
Palaeoleptochromus schaufussi (gen.nov., sp.nov.) is the first antlike stone beetle (Coleoptera: Scydmaenidae) to be described from Cretaceous amber. The piece of amber containing this specimen wasExpand
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A new genus of hard ticks in Cretaceous Burmese amber (Acari: Ixodida: Ixodidae)
A hard tick larva in Cretaceous Burmese amber is described as Cornupalpatum burmanicum n. g., n. sp. Diagnostic characters include a subcircular body with a marginal groove, 11 festoons, elongateExpand
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The known bee fauna of the Dominican amber
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Fossil onychophorans from Dominican and Baltic amber: Tertiapatus dominicanus n.g., n.sp. (Tertiapatidae n.fam.) and Succinipatopsis balticus n.g., n.sp. (Succinipatopsidae n.fam.) with a proposed
. Tertiapatus dominicanus n.g., n.sp. (Tertiapatidae n.fam.) and Succinipatopsis balticus n.gen., n.sp. (Succinipatopsidae n.fam.) (Lobopodia: Onychophora), the first Tertiary fossils of theExpand
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Haplochelidae, a new family of cretaceous beetles (Coleoptera: Myxophaga) from Burmese amber
A new family, genus and species of flightless beetles (Coleoptera: Lepiceroidea: Haplochelidae: Haplochelus: Haplochelus georissoides) are described from Cretaceous Burmese amber. HaplochelusExpand
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Insects in Amber
Aside from their beauty, insects in amber represent the finest fossil remains of the Insecta and offer numerous opportunities to study microevolution, biogeography, mimicry, behavior, environmentalExpand
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