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Statistical Estimation of Land Uplift Model Parameters Based on Archaeological and Geological Shore Level Displacement Data
In this report a new method for improved estimation of the parameters of a semiempirical land uplift model of Fennoscandia, introduced by Tore Passe, is presented. The land uplift model serves as anExpand
Landscape development modeling based on statistical framework
Future biosphere modeling has an essential role in assessing the safety of a proposed nuclear fuel repository. In Finland the basic inputs needed for future biosphere modeling are the digitalExpand
Probabilistic Modeling of Landscape Development and Surface Water Body Formation
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Modelling of Postglacial Landscape Development
The postglacial land uplift process has been modelled using two different approaches: by modelling the geodynamics of the earth’s crust (also referred to as Glacial Isostatic Adjustment (GIA)Expand
Lake and mire isolation data set for the estimation of post-glacial land uplift in Fennoscandia
Abstract. Postglacial land uplift is a complex process related to the continental ice retreat that took place about 10 000 years ago and thus started the viscoelastic response of the Earth's crust toExpand
Overview of the Prehistory of Eura: Life Around a Few Radiocarbon Dated Spots
The rich and colorful human history of Eura has been documented based on archaeological findings. The oldest findings from Satakunta are associated with the Suomusjarvi culture, which may have hadExpand
Probabilistic assessment of the influence of lake properties in long-term radiation doses to humans.
The assessment processes concerning the safety of nuclear waste repositories include the modelling of radionuclide transport in biosphere and the evaluation of the doses to the most affected humans.Expand