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Dynamic resource allocation exploiting mobility prediction in mobile edge computing
An algorithm enabling flexible selection of communication path together with dynamic VM placement to handle dynamicity of the system and to find the most suitable communication path according to expected users' movement is proposed. Expand
Dissolution and diffuse reflectance characteristics of coated theophylline particles
The aim of the present study was to investigate how the dissolution and diffuse reflectance characteristics of theophylline microcapsules were influenced by the changes in the thickness and by theExpand
Path selection using handover in mobile networks with cloud-enabled small cells
This paper proposes algorithm for selection of path between the UE and the cell, which performs computing for this particular UE, and considers transmission delay and energy consumed for transmission of offloaded data as Markov Decision Process. Expand
Efficacy of selected pesticides against synanthropic mites under laboratory assay.
The available formulations of multicompound pyrethroids (permethrin/S-bioallethrin/piperonyl butoxide, permethrin-pyriproxyfen/benzyl benzoate, neem and some field acaricides are effective in suppression of synanthropic mites in laboratory assays. Expand
Glory and misery of biochar
Biochar refers to carbon-based dusty residues obtained from biomass pyrolysis. This recently rediscovered traditional soil improver is currently being glorified for its wide portfolio of favorableExpand
Path selection enabling user mobility and efficient distribution of data for computation at the edge of mobile network
A path selection algorithm finding the most suitable way for data delivery between the mobile UE and the cells performing computation for this particular UE is proposed and is suitable for parallel computation in dynamic scenarios with mobile users and handles mobility for users exploiting computing services in the SCC. Expand
Joint Positioning of Flying Base Stations and Association of Users: Evolutionary-Based Approach
This paper proposes an algorithm that associates users with the most suitable SBS/FlyBS and finds optimal positions of all FlyBSs and investigates the performance of two proposed approaches for the joint association and positioning based on the genetic algorithm (GA) and particle swarm optimization (PSO). Expand
Novel approach to controlling the poultry red mite (Acarina: Mesostigmata).
Treatment breeding hen houses with triflumuron, lambdacyhalothrin and bendiocarb in their combination, showed noticeable differences in mite density in comparison of control and experimental halls, with mean efficacy 98.9 and 77.6 %, respectively. Expand
Formulation of controlled release drug preparations with antacid effect.
The telemetric intragastric data were in correlation with the in vitro measurements and demonstrated the significantly higher bioavailability of long-acting antacid preparations. Expand
Cross-layer approach enabling communication of high number of devices in 5G mobile networks
The proposed solution exploits cross-layer approach considering buffering of data and clustering of nearby users in order to minimize overhead and improve transmission efficiency and can increase the number of devices served by a single cell up to 24 times comparing to the state of the art solution. Expand