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Optimizing comparative genomic hybridization for analysis of DNA sequence copy number changes in solid tumors
Comparative genomic hybridization (CGH) is a powerful new method for molecular cytogenetic analysis of cancer. In a single hybridization, CGH provides an overview of DNA sequence copy number changesExpand
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Nonnegative matrix factorization for spectral data analysis
Data analysis is pervasive throughout business, engineering and science. Very often the data to be analyzed is nonnegative, and it is often preferable to take this constraint into account in theExpand
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Detection and mapping of amplified DNA sequences in breast cancer by comparative genomic hybridization.
Comparative genomic hybridization was applied to 5 breast cancer cell lines and 33 primary tumors to discover and map regions of the genome with increased DNA-sequence copy-number. Two-thirds ofExpand
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On fully automatic feature measurement for banded chromosome classification.
Procedures for fully automatic location of chromosome axis and centromere in metaphase chromosomes are described for a practical interactive chromosome analysis system that omits the usual stages ofExpand
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Fluorescence staining and flow cytometry for monitoring microbial cells.
Large numbers of microbiological samples are analysed annually using traditional culture-based techniques. These techniques take hours to days to yield a result, are tedious and are not suitable forExpand
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Computing distance transformations in convex and non-convex domains
We show that the two-pass sequential local transformation algorithm for computing a distance transformation in rectangular domains may fail in some convex integer domains, but that a four-pass algorithm is sufficient in all two-dimensional convex domains. Expand
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Computer-aided classification of human chromosomes: a review
Computer-aided imaging systems are now widely used in cytogenetic laboratories to reduce the tedium and labour-intensiveness of traditional methods of chromosome analysis. Automatic chromosomeExpand
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Object Characterization from Spectral Data Using Nonnegative Factorization and Information Theory
The identification and classification of non-imaging space objects, and ultimately the determination of their shape, function, and status, is an important but difficult problem still to be resolved.Expand
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Computer image analysis of comparative genomic hybridization.
We describe and evaluate the image-processing and analysis techniques we have developed for the quantitative analysis of comparative genomic hybridization (CGH; Science 258:818, 1992). In a typicalExpand
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Automation of chromosome analysis
Abstract Chromosome analysis is an important and difficult task for clinical diagnosis, for mutagen dosimetry, and for biological research. It is expensive, time consuming and imprecise whenExpand
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