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The phonology and phonetics of English intonation
Thesis (Ph.D.)--Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Linguistics and Philosophy, 1980.
The Meaning of Intonational Contours in the Interpretation of Discourse
This paper proposes that a speaker chooses a particular tune to convey a particular relationship between an utterance, currently perceived beliefs of a hearer or hearers, and anticipated contributions of subsequent utterances, and claims that these relationships are compositionalcomposed from the pitch aumts, phrase QCcmts, and bowndary tones that make up tunes. Expand
Japanese Tone Structure
"Japanese Tone Structure" provides a thorough, phonetically grounded description of accent and intonation in Tokyo Japanese and uses it to develop an explicit account of surface phonologicalExpand
Exemplar dynamics: Word frequency, lenition and contrast
To appear in J. Bybee & P. Hopper (eds.), Frequency effects and emergent grammar. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. Exemplar theory was first developed as a model of similarity and classification inExpand
Similarity Avoidance and the OCP
It is argued that the total body of evidence supports a model in which phonetic and cognitive pressures incrementally affect the lexicon, and phonotactic constraints are abstractions over the Lexicon of phonological forms. Expand
Phonetic Diversity, Statistical Learning, and Acquisition of Phonology
The challenges posed by results in phonetic typology and sociolinguistics for the theory of language acquisition are reviewed, arguing that categories are initiated bottom-up from statistical modes in use of the phonetic space, and how exemplar theory can be used to model the updating of categories once they are initiated. Expand
Word-specific phonetics
Though highly successful in explaining a wide range of data, such models are now challenged by a number of studies demonstrating the existence of word-specific phonetic detail, which would require a formal treatment of the cognitive capabilities which permit it. Expand
The timing of prenuclear high accents in English
In English, the alignment of intonation peaks with their syllables exhibits a great deal of contextually governed variation. Understanding this variation is of theoretical interest, and modeling itExpand