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Interaction of ribulosebisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase with transition-state analogues.
2-C-Carboxy-D-ribitol 1,5-bisphosphate and 2-C-carboxy-D-arabinitol 1,5-bisphosphate have been synthesized, purified, and characterized. In the presence of Mg2+, 2-C-carboxy-D-arabinitolExpand
The relationship between the Rubisco reaction mechanism and models of photosynthesis
Abstract. A new model of photosynthesis published recently in this journal (H. Farazdaghi & G. E. Edwards, Plant, Cell and Environment (1988) 11, 789–798; 799–809) clams to have a more completeExpand
Reaction intermediate partitioning by ribulose-bisphosphate carboxylases with differing substrate specificities.
The carboxylated, 6-carbon reaction intermediate (3-keto-2-carboxyarabinitol 1,5-bisphosphate) from the ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase reaction was obtained by denaturing the enzyme with acidExpand
Carbonyl sulfide: an alternate substrate for but not an activator of ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase.
Carbonyl sulfide, a competitive inhibitor of ribulose-bisphosphate carboxylase with respect to CO2 (Laing, W. A., and Christeller, J. T. (1980) Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 202, 592-600), is an alternateExpand
A unified theory for the basis of the limitations of the primary reaction of photosynthetic CO(2) fixation: was Dr. Pangloss right?
As CO2 concentrations continue to rise and discussions on global warming assume ever more warning tones, understanding of the CO2 cycle between the atmosphere and biosphere becomes ever moreExpand
On the mechanism of effector-mediated activation of ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase.
The slow, ordered, readily reversible binding of COZ and Mgl’ to ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase to form the active ternary enzyme-COz*Md+ complex has been studied at suboptimal COZExpand
2 $'$ -Carboxy-3-Keto-D-Arabinitol 1,5-Bisphosphate, the Six-Carbon Intermediate of the Ribulose Bisphosphate Carboxylase Reaction
The six-carbon intermediate of the ribulose 1,5-bisphosphate (RuBP) carboxylase reaction, 2 $'$ -carboxy-3-keto-D-arabinitol 1,5-bisphosphate (CKABP), was prepared enzymatically by quenching theExpand
[9] Activation and assay of ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate car☐ylase/oxygenase
Publisher Summary This chapter describes the activation and assay of ribulose-l,5-bisphosphate (ribulose-P 2 ) carboxylase–oxygenase. It is a bifunctional enzyme that catalyzes the addition of CO 2Expand
A cyanobacterial mutant requiring the expression of ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase from a photosynthetic anaerobe.
Ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase is essential for both photoautotrophic and photoheterotrophic growth of the cyanobacterium Synechocystis 6803. However, a mutant lacking cyanobacterial carboxylaseExpand