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Investigating variation in English vowel-to-vowel coarticulation in a longitudinal phonetic corpus
The present study contributes to the literature on inter- and intra-speaker variation in coarticulation, a major precursor to sound change, by focusing on the degree of coarthiculation stressed vowels have on neighboring unstressed vowels using recordings from a longitudinal phonetic corpus. Expand
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Tissue plasminogen activator promotes axonal outgrowth on CNS myelin after conditioned injury
J. Neurochem. (2009) 109, 706–715.
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Time-of-Flight Distance Measurements Using Smart Phones
An application of using time of flight (TOF) to measure distance between two wireless sensor network (WSN) nodes is explained. Expand
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A model and typology of reduplication in Sora
Reduplication is found in an unparalleled thirteen percent of the lexicon in Sora, a Munda language of eastern India with 310,000 speakers. Most cross-linguistically attested forms of reduplicationExpand
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Munda mimetic reduplication
Abstract The Munda languages of South Asia exhibit sound symbolism in their use of mimetic reduplication, to which they devote a surprisingly large percentage of their lexicons, typically upwards ofExpand
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“Being Scorned by One's Own is Perfect Joy”: The Strange Case of Dorothy Day
Dorothy Day has long been seen as an enigma in understandings of twentieth-century American Catholicism. With the publication of Dorothy Day's extensive letters and diaries in 2008, the enigmaticExpand