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Modelling Large-Scale CO2 Leakages in the North Sea
A three dimensional hydrodynamic model with a coupled carbonate speciation sub-model is used to simulate large additions of CO2 into the North Sea, representing leakages at potential carbonExpand
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The effectiveness of beach mega-nourishment, assessed over three management epochs.
Resilient coastal protection requires adaptive management strategies that build with nature to maintain long-term sustainability. With increasing pressures on shorelines from urbanisation, industrialExpand
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Behaviour influences larval dispersal in shelf sea gyres: Nephrops norvegicus in the Irish Sea
The western Irish Sea seasonal gyre is widely believed to play an important role in the local retention of resident larvae. This mechanism could be particularly crucial for the larvae of the heavilyExpand
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Urban landscape as mirror of ethnicity: trees of the South Plains
The literatures on urban forestry, environmental justice, and Marxist urban political ecology are considered through empirical attention to the localized racial and ethnic politics which spatiallyExpand
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Hydrodynamic timescales in a hyper-tidal region of freshwater influence
This study uses a three-dimensional hydrodynamic model to investigate transport timescales in Liverpool Bay, a shallow hyper-tidal Region of Freshwater Influence (ROFI) with a density-drivenExpand
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Impact and detectability of hypothetical CCS offshore seep scenarios as an aid to storage assurance and risk assessment
Abstract Carbon Capture and Storage has the potential to make a significant contribution to the mitigation of climate change, however there is a regulatory and societal obligation to demonstrateExpand
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Modelling coastal erosion and sediment transport on the Dungeness Foreland, UK
Ageing coastal defence across the UK is challenging managers to redesign schemes to be resilient, cost-effective and have minimal or beneficial environmental impact. We take Dungeness and RomneyExpand
Modelling hydrodynamic transport and larval dispersal in North-East Atlantic Shelf seas
This thesis presents a series of numerical modelling studies into hydrodynamic transport and larval dispersal. The initial investigation seeks to evaluate retention timescales in Liverpool Bay. TheExpand
Spatio-temporal Variability in the Tipping Points of a Coastal Defense
ABSTRACT Brown, J.M.; Prime, T.; Phelps, J.J.C.; Barkwith, A.; Hurst, M.D.; Ellis, M.A.; Masselink, G., and Plater, A.J., 2016. Spatio-temporal Variability in the Tipping Points of Coastal Defense.Expand
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