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Coherent Manipulation of Coupled Electron Spins in Semiconductor Quantum Dots
We demonstrated coherent control of a quantum two-level system based on two-electron spin states in a double quantum dot, allowing state preparation, coherent manipulation, and projective readout.Expand
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Spins in few-electron quantum dots
The canonical example of a quantum-mechanical two-level system is spin. The simplest picture of spin is a magnetic moment pointing up or down. The full quantum properties of spin become apparent inExpand
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Coulomb blockade and the Kondo effect in single-atom transistors
Using molecules as electronic components is a powerful new direction in the science and technology of nanometre-scale systems. Experiments to date have examined a multitude of molecules conducting inExpand
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Quantum coherence in a one-electron semiconductor charge qubit.
We study quantum coherence in a semiconductor charge qubit formed from a GaAs double quantum dot containing a single electron. Voltage pulses are applied to depletion gates to drive qubit rotationsExpand
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Relaxation, dephasing, and quantum control of electron spins in double quantum dots
Recent experiments have demonstrated quantum manipulation of two-electron spin states in double quantum dots using electrically controlled exchange interactions. Here we present a detailed theory forExpand
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Triplet–singlet spin relaxation via nuclei in a double quantum dot
The spin of a confined electron, when oriented originally in some direction, will lose memory of that orientation after some time. Physical mechanisms leading to this relaxation of spin memoryExpand
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Manipulation of a single charge in a double quantum dot.
We manipulate a single electron in a fully tunable double quantum dot using microwave excitation. Under resonant conditions, microwaves drive transitions between the (1,0) and (0,1) charge states ofExpand
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Correlating the nanostructure and electronic properties of InAs nanowires.
The electronic properties and nanostructure of InAs nanowires are correlated by creating multiple field effect transistors (FETs) on nanowires grown to have low and high defect density segments. 4.2Expand
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Suppressing Spin Qubit Dephasing by Nuclear State Preparation
Coherent spin states in semiconductor quantum dots offer promise as electrically controllable quantum bits (qubits) with scalable fabrication. For few-electron quantum dots made from gallium arsenideExpand
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Circuit quantum electrodynamics with a spin qubit
We combine the Circuit quantum electrodynamics architecture with spin qubits by coupling an indium arsenide nanowire double quantum dot to a superconducting cavity that acts as a ‘quantum bus’. Expand
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