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Novel subfamily of mitochondrial HMG box-containing proteins: functional analysis of Gcf1p from Candida albicans.
Biochemical analyses of DNA-binding properties indicate that Gcf1p is, similarly to Abf2p, a non-specific DNA- binding protein, which indicates that the protein is involved in essential molecular transactions that relate to the mitochondrial genome.
[Mutagenic effects of coal tar used in the treatment of psoriasis].
The results of monitoring have indicated that psoriatic patients treated by pharmaceutic tar are endangered by an increased genotoxic risk.
Rat Spinal Cord Injury Experimental Model
The goal of the SCI experiment was to generate a reproducible and reliable, submaximal spinal cord trauma model and the statistical analyses demonstrated that this objective was best achieved in the subgroup-2 with the 40 g compression.
Changes in the recovery ability of colony-forming units after continuous irradiation.
The recovery ability of colony-forming units from mice continuously irradiated for 30 and 100 days at an exposure rate of 25 and 50R/day was investigated and the estimate(s) of the recovery coefficient tau was calculated.
Effect of different daily rate of continuous irradiation upon changes in cfu number.
The effect of continuous irradiation upon colony-forming capacity of bone marrow cells was studied in mice exposed continuously for the length of 130 days to ionizing radiation at exposure rates