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Disposal Options for Ships
The book describes a study identifying and evaluating disposal options for U.S. Maritime Administration (MARAD) and U.S. Navy ships. The options discussed, as listed in the table of contents, areExpand
Ungoverned territories : understanding and reducing terrorism risks
Using a two-tiered framework areas applied to eight case studies from around the globe, the authors of this ground-breaking work seek to understand the conditions that give rise to ungovernedExpand
European Contributions to Operation Allied Force: Implications for Transatlantic Cooperation
An assessment of Operation Allied Force, the 1999 NATO air campaign that sought to prevent a wider humanitarian disaster in Kosovo, this work provides perspectives from both sides of the Atlantic asExpand
Artificial Reefs: A Disposal Option for Navy and MARAD Ships
Abstract : Over the next 20 years, after accounting for unfunded forms of ship disposal such as donations, sales, or transfers to foreign governments and private interests, more than 350 Navy andExpand
Readiness Reporting for an Adaptive Army
Abstract : Army readiness is the ability of the Army to serve the nation. It includes the capabilities of the Operating Force and the Generating Force as well as intangible factors that significantlyExpand
Real-time molecular epidemiologic analysis of an outbreak of Streptococcus pyogenes invasive disease in US Air Force trainees.
Molecular strain characterization techniques can be employed rapidly in a disease outbreak to definitively resolve complex relationships among pathogenic bacteria, infer patterns of clone spread, and help formulate rational public health control measures. Expand
Molecular genetic analysis of 675 group A streptococcus isolates collected in a carrier study at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas.
The preferential increase in the prevalence of emm1 and emm6 isolates during the 6-week training period indicates an enhanced ability of these strains to disseminate and cause disease in this population. Expand
This study reports follow-up data on a subgroup of children who satisfy the diagnostic criteria of minimal brain dysfunction (MBD) as outlined by clement^, and restudying a previously selected group of laboratory research subjects, and contrasting them with the same group of normal achievers who served as controls in the original study. Expand
Streptococcus pyogenes transmission among Air Force recruits: efficacy of surveillance and prophylaxis protocols.
Within flights, an increase was noted in male flights when members sought care and subsequently were positive for S. pyogenes, and within female flights, the increase was from 2.68 to 3.20% despite antibiotic therapy and prophylaxis treatment measures. Expand
A Review of the Army's Modular Force Structure
Abstract : Congress has taken great interest in the capabilities of the U.S. Army as the service has transitioned to its new, modular force structure. Congress recently requested an independent studyExpand