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On the possible correlation between the Gutenberg-Richter parameters of the frequency-magnitude relationship
The study of the Gutenberg-Richter (GR) parameters a and b has been very important to describe and characterize the seismicity over the different seismic provinces around the world. As far as weExpand
Some Common Features Between a Spring-Block Self-Organized Critical Model, Stick–Slip Experiments with Sandpapers and Actual Seismicity
In this article we stand out that actual seismicity, stick–slip experiments with sandpapers and a self-organized critical (SOC) model (Olami et al. Phys Rev Lett 68(8):1233–1247, 1992) have someExpand
Nowcasting Avalanches as Earthquakes and the Predictability of Strong Avalanches in the Olami-Feder-Christensen Model
This new prediction method is applied to a simple (toy) model for the waiting (natural) time of the stronger earthquakes, real seismicity, and the Olami-Feder-Christensen earthquake model with interesting results revealing acceptable to excellent or even outstanding performance. Expand
Anticorrelation between the elastic ratio γ and the b-value in a spring-block SOC-model of earthquakes
In the present work we propose that some results recently published by our group (Perez-Oregon et al. 2018 J Seismol. 22 1025-1035) can be used for explaining qualitatively a correlation establishedExpand
A Simple Model to Relate the Elastic Ratio Gamma of a Critically Self-Organized Spring-Block Model with the Age of a Lithospheric Downgoing Plate in a Subduction Zone
The RK-diagram is improved by means of a simple model relating the elastic ratio γ of a critically self-organized spring-block model with the age of a lithospheric downgoing plate and its SOC synthetic counterpart is obtained. Expand
Natural Time Analysis of Seismicity within the Mexican Flat Slab before the M7.1 Earthquake on 19 September 2017
It is shown that, after the minimum of ΔS, the order parameter of seismicity starts diminishing, thus approaching gradually the critical value 0.070 around the end of August and the beginning of September 2017, which signals that a strong earthquake is anticipated shortly in the flat slab. Expand
A Possible Cosmological Application of Some Thermodynamic Properties of the Black Body Radiation in n-Dimensional Euclidean Spaces
The generalization of some thermodynamic properties of the black body radiation (BBR) towards an n-dimensional Euclidean space is presented and it is proposed that an optimality criterion in a thermodynamic framework could be related to the 3—dimensional nature of the universe. Expand
Visibility graph analysis of synthetic earthquakes generated by the Olami-Feder-Christensen spring-block model.
The relationship between the Gutenberg-Richter b-value and the so-called K-M slope, which describes the relationship between magnitudes and connectivity degrees, is investigated and it is found that for ⟨b⟩ between approximately 1 and 2, which is nearly the range of variation for most of the real seismicity cases observed worldwide, the relationship does not depend on the lattice size. Expand