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Costing guidelines for HIV prevention strategies.
The principles of these Costing Guidelines are derived from Cost Analysis in Primary Health Care—a training manual for programme managers (hereafter referred to as the ‘PHC Manual’). The manual wasExpand
A high-resolution polymerase chain reaction-sequence-specific primer HLA-B*27 typing set and its application in routine HLA-B27 testing.
We designed a set of 35 polymerase chain reaction sequence-specific primers (PCR-SSP) in 29 SSP mixtures to assign 29 HLA-B*27 4-digit level alleles (B*2701-B*2721 and B*2723-B*2730). This was usedExpand
Hospital or health centre? A comparison of the costs and quality of urban outpatient services in Maseru, Lesotho.
Urban hospital outpatient clinics in developing countries are said to be overburdened and some policy experts are proposing a new intermediate tier of advanced health centres between hospitals andExpand
A new HLA-Cw*03 variant - Cw*031102.
A novel variant of HLA-Cw*0311, Cw*031102, possessing a silent substitution at codon 18 (GGA → GGG - conserved glycine) is described in this study.
A new HLA-B*08 variant--B*0838.
HLA-B*0838 differs from B*080101 by three nucleotides resulting in an amino acid change of 63asparagine to 63glutamic acid and a synonymous substitution.
A new HLA-C allele: Cw*0819.
Human leucocyte antigen-Cw*0819 differs from Cw*0802 by two nucleotides resulting in an amino acid change of 99tyrosine to 99phenylalanine and a synonymous substitution.
A new HLA-A*26 family allele--HLA-A*26:103.
HLA-A*26:103 differs from A*26:01:01 by one base (559C>G) in exon 3 resulting in an amino acid substitution of R163G.
A new HLA-B*15 variant - B*9507.
The human leukocyte antigen-B*15 variant B*9507 is similar to B*1505 (B62) but with substitutions of A>C at position 463 and G>C at position 477 in exon 3. This results in a single amino acid changeExpand
A new HLA-B*5501 variant--B*550104.