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Tear osmolarity in the diagnosis and management of dry eye disease.
An objective approach to dry eye disease severity.
Tear film osmolarity was found to be the single best marker of disease severity across normal, mild/moderate, and severe categories and supports the rationale for redefining severity on the basis of a continuum of clinical signs.
TFOS DEWS II iatrogenic report.
CD95 ligand (FasL)-induced apoptosis is necessary for corneal allograft survival.
It is demonstrated that FasL expression on the cornea is a major factor in corneal allograft survival and, thus, provides an explanation for one of the most successful tissue transplants performed in humans.
Biometry and intraocular lens power calculation
The article reviews recent studies and advances in the field of biometry and intraocular lens power calculations and finds several noncontact optical-based devices compare favorably, if not superiorly, to older ultrasonic biometric and keratometric techniques.
Ocular Infection and Immunity
Part 1 Introduction and historical perspectives: ocular immunology ocular microbiology immunodeficiencies immune-mediated ocular. Part 2 Diseases: anterior disorders posterior disorders orbital