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Holography from Conformal Field Theory
The locality of bulk physics at distances below the AdS length scale is one of the remarkable aspects of AdS/CFT duality, and one of the least tested. It requires that the AdS radius be largeExpand
Spinning conformal correlators
A bstractWe develop the embedding formalism for conformal field theories, aimed at doing computations with symmetric traceless operators of arbitrary spin. We use an indexfree notation where tensorsExpand
Writing CFT correlation functions as AdS scattering amplitudes
We explore the Mellin representation of conformal correlation functions recently proposed by Mack. Examples in the AdS/CFT context reinforce the analogy between Mellin amplitudes and scatteringExpand
Conformal Regge theory
A bstractWe generalize Regge theory to correlation functions in conformal field theories. This is done by exploring the analogy between Mellin amplitudes in AdS/CFT and S-matrix elements. In theExpand
Spinning conformal blocks
A bstractFor conformal field theories in arbitrary dimensions, we introduce a method to derive the conformal blocks corresponding to the exchange of a traceless symmetric tensor appearing in fourExpand
Spinning AdS propagators
A bstractWe develop the embedding formalism to describe symmetric traceless tensors in Anti-de Sitter space. We use this formalism to construct the bulk-to-bulk propagator of massive spin J fieldsExpand
Recursion relations for conformal blocks
A bstractIn the context of conformal field theories in general space-time dimension, we find all the possible singularities of the conformal blocks as functions of the scaling dimension Δ of theExpand
A natural language for AdS/CFT correlators
A bstractWe provide dramatic evidence that ‘Mellin space’ is the natural home for correlation functions in CFTs with weakly coupled bulk duals. In Mellin space, CFT correlators have polesExpand
Eikonal approximation in AdS/CFT: Conformal partial waves and finite N four-point functions
We introduce the impact parameter representation for conformal field theory correlators of the form A similar to (O1O2O1O2). This representation is appropriate in the eikonal kinematical regime, andExpand
Eikonal approximation in AdS/CFT: from shock waves to four-point functions
We initiate a program to generalize the standard eikonal approximation to compute amplitudes in Anti-de Sitter spacetimes. Inspired by the shock wave derivation of the eikonal amplitude in flatExpand