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The house of Phalo : a history of the Xhosa people in the days of their independence
In this, the first modern history of the Xhosa, the author relates the story of one of the most numerous and important indigenous peoples in contemporary South Africa, from their consolidation,Expand
The Dead Will Arise: Nongqawuse and the Great Xhosa Cattle-Killing Movement of 1856-7
The story of Nongqawuse, a young girl whose prophecy in 1856 of the regeneration of the living and the resurrection of the dead caused 100,000 Xhosa to kill their cattle, destroy their crops andExpand
The Lovedale Press: Literature For the Bantu Revisited
The fact is that the mass of the vernacular literature published in the past emanated, and still to-day emanates, from missionary presses, and naturally such literature has sought to fulfil the aimsExpand
The implosion of Transkei and Ciskei
THE SOUTH AFRICAN government's policy of granting 'independence' to the black reserves within its borders evoked considerable initial interest, particularly with regard to Transkei, the first blackExpand
The central beliefs of the Xhosa cattle-killing
The Xhosa cattle-killing movement of 1856–7 cannot be explained as a superstitious ‘pagan reaction’to the intrusion of colonial rule and Christian civilization. It owes its peculiar form to theExpand
Nxele, Ntsikana and the Origins of the Xhosa Religious Reaction
T H E Hundred Years War (1779-1880) of the Xhosa people against the white colonists of the Cape of Good Hope produced not one but two historical traditions. One, originating with Nxele, was war-likeExpand
Agony and Ecstasy at the End of the Rainbow
ABSTRACT The three books are reviewed together because of their shared concern with public history. The review starts with a consideration of the Stolten volume because it incorporates a variety ofExpand