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Plasma-liquid interactions: A review and roadmap
Plasma–liquid interactions represent a growing interdisciplinary area of research involving plasma science, fluid dynamics, heat and mass transfer, photolysis, multiphase chemistry and aerosolExpand
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Chemical Effects of Air Plasma Species on Aqueous Solutes in Direct and Delayed Exposure Modes: Discharge, Post-discharge and Plasma Activated Water
Abstract The chemical interaction between non-thermal plasma species and aqueous solutions is considered in the case of discharges in humid air burning over aqueous solutions with emphasis on theExpand
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Evaluation of selected microbial and physicochemical parameters of fresh tomato juice after cold atmospheric pressure plasma treatment during refrigerated storage
The Cold Atmospheric pressure Plasma (CAP) technology is an emerging technology used for conditioning and microbiological decontamination of biomaterials including food. A novel tool for inactivationExpand
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Effects of atmospheric pressure plasma jet operating with DBD on Lavatera thuringiaca L. seeds’ germination
The paper presents the results of an experiment on the effect of pre-sowing stimulation of seeds with atmospheric pressure plasma jet operating with dielectric barrier discharge (DBD plasma jet) onExpand
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RF-Powered Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma Jet in Surface Treatment of High-Impact Polystyrene
The application of RF-powered atmospheric-pressure plasma jet (APPJ) for changing the surface properties of rubber-modified styrenic polymers on the example of high-impact polystyrene (HIPS) isExpand
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Temperature Distribution in the Gliding Arc Discharge Chamber
Abstract Low temperature, non-equilibrium plasma was generated during gliding arc discharge in a multi-electrode reactor at atmospheric pressure. Various diagnostic methods to determine electrons andExpand
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Power Systems of Plasma Reactors for Non-Thermal Plasma Generation
Abstract Recently, many different plasma sources are being investigated for exhaust gases treatment, odor abatement, VOC removal, soil conditioning, surface decontamination or tissue disinfection andExpand
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Atmospheric pressure plasma jet for decontamination purposes
Advanced oxidation processes, especially induced by non-thermal plasmas, are widely known for their high sanitation efficiency. The paper presents general overview of atmospheric pressure plasma jetExpand
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