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Nano based drug delivery systems: recent developments and future prospects
Nanomedicine and nano delivery systems are a relatively new but rapidly developing science where materials in the nanoscale range are employed to serve as means of diagnostic tools or to deliverExpand
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Revitalization of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria for sustainable development in agriculture.
The progression of life in all forms is not only dependent on agricultural and food security but also on the soil characteristics. The dynamic nature of soil is a direct manifestation of soilExpand
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Benefaction of probiotics for human health: A review.
Humans are a unique reservoir of heterogeneous and vivacious group of microbes, which together forms the human-microbiome superorganism. Human gut serves as a home to over 100-1000 microbial species,Expand
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Endophytes: A Treasure House of Bioactive Compounds of Medicinal Importance
Endophytes are an endosymbiotic group of microorganisms that colonize in plants and microbes that can be readily isolated from any microbial or plant growth medium. They act as reservoirs of novelExpand
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Kimchi and Other Widely Consumed Traditional Fermented Foods of Korea: A Review
Different types of fermented foods such as chongkukjang, doenjang, ganjang, gochujang, and kimchi are plentifully available and widely consumed in north eastern Asian countries including Korea. AmongExpand
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Photo-mediated green synthesis of silver and zinc oxide nanoparticles using aqueous extracts of two mangrove plant species, Heritiera fomes and Sonneratia apetala and investigation of their
Green synthesis by using biological agents has been a simple and effective approach for the synthesis of various forms of nanoparticles. The present investigation was intended to synthesis Ag-NPs andExpand
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A critical analysis of extraction techniques used for botanicals: Trends, priorities, industrial uses and optimization strategies
We review the recent trends on the extraction of different bioactive chemical constituents depending on the nature of sample matrices and their chemical classes including anthocyanins, flavonoids, polyphenols, alkaloids, oils, etc. Expand
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Characterization and Evaluation of Antibacterial Activities of Chemically Synthesized Iron Oxide Nanoparticles
The iron oxide nanoparticles have been synthesized in co-precipitation method using aqueous solution of ferric and ferrous ions with sodium salt. The synthesis of iron-oxide nanoparticles wereExpand
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Antibacterial Activity and Action Mechanism of the Essential Oil from Enteromorpha linza L. against Foodborne Pathogenic Bacteria
Foodborne illness and disease caused by foodborne pathogenic bacteria is continuing to increase day by day and it has become an important topic of concern among various food industries. Many types ofExpand
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Free radical scavenging and antioxidant potential of mangrove plants: a review
Free radicals derived from reactive oxygen species and reactive nitrogen species are generated in our body by normal cellular metabolism which is enhanced under stress conditions. The most vulnerableExpand
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