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An appraisal of recent field measurements of symbiotic N2 fixation by annual legumes
To improve confidence in isotopic techniques for estimating N2 fixation differences in the form and function of plant roots are highlighted as critical areas for future research, as is a greater understanding of the total N contained in legume roots. Expand
Environmental and physiological controls over oxygen and carbon isotope composition of Tasmanian blue gum, Eucalyptus globulus.
A non-steady-state model of leaf water 18O enrichment accurately predicted observed values through a full diel cycle and provided insights into post-photosynthetic variations in dry matter delta13C. Expand
The promotive effect of smoke derived from burnt native vegetation on seed germination of Western Australian plants
Exposure of dormant seed to cold smoke derived from burnt native vegetation had a positive influence on germination in one or more seed provenances in 45 out of 94 species of native WesternExpand
Potential precision of the δ15N natural abundance method in field estimates of nitrogen fixation by crop and pasture legumes in south-west Australia
Precision of estimation of the proportion of legume N derived from N2 fixation (%Ndfa) was assessed in relation to subterranean clover pastures and crops of pea and lupin under south-west Australian conditions and the likely magnitude of errors due to incorrect choice of B value was indicated. Expand
Introduction to Optics
AbstractTHE term 'Introduction' applied to a text-book on a branch of physics gives little idea of the standard and scope of the work. Those who are familiar with the customary method of teachingExpand
Seed Ageing and Smoke: Partner Cuesin the Amelioration of Seed Dormancyin Selected Australian Native Species
Variation in success between the two methods confirmed earlier conclusions that substances contained in plant-derived smoke may be inhibitory at high concentrations for particularly sensitive species. Expand
The Significance of Root Starch in Post-fire Shoot Recovery of the Resprouter Stirlingia latifolia R. Br. (Proteaceae)
Stirlingia latifolia, a common shrub of Banksia woodlands of SW Australia, is a highly successful resprouter species recovering from fire by multiple sprouting of new shoots from its upper root stock by means of fire-induced reproduction and its ability to thrive in very frequently burnt habitats. Expand
Seasonal water uptake and movement in root systems of Australian phraeatophytic plants of dimorphic root morphology: a stable isotope investigation
The notion that the dimorphic rooting habit can be advantageous for large woody species of floristically-rich, open, woodlands and heathlands where the acquisition of seasonally limited water is at a premium is supported. Expand
Water Relations Link Carbon and Oxygen Isotope Discrimination to Phloem Sap Sugar Concentration in Eucalyptus globulus
Drought induces correlated variation in the concentration of phloem sap sugars and their isotopic composition in E. globulus, consistent with predictions from a theoretical model of Δ18O. Expand
Diurnal variation in the stable isotope composition of water and dry matter in fruiting Lupinus angustifolius under field conditions
An integrated account of the diurnal variation in the stable isotopes of water and dry matter in the long-distance transport fluids of xylem sap and phloem sap, leaves, pod walls, and seeds of Lupinus angustifolius under field conditions in Western Australia shows the importance of considering the non-steady-state when modelling biological fractionation of stable isotope in the natural environment. Expand