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Modeling hydrology and sediment transport in vegetative filter strips
The performance of vegetative filter strips is governed by complex mechanisms. Models can help simulate the field conditions and predict the buffer effectiveness. A single event model for simulatingExpand
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DRAINMOD-N, a quasi two-dimensional model that simulates the movement and fate of nitrogen in shallow water table soils with artificial drainage, is described. Results of sensitivity analyses areExpand
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The Future of Nuclear Power After Fukushima
This paper analyzes the impact of the Fukushima accident on the future of nuclear power around the world. We begin with a discussion of the "but for" baseline and the much discussed "nuclearExpand
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Field-scale evaluation of phosphorus leaching in acid sandy soils receiving swine waste.
Accurate descriptions of P leaching are important because excess P applied to soils can enter surface water via leaching and subsurface transport, thereby negatively impacting water quality. TheExpand
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This study was conducted to evaluate the performance of DRAINMOD-N, a nitrogen fate and transport model for artificially drained soils, based on a comparison between predicted and observedExpand
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Nanoparticle factories: Biofilms hold the key to gold dispersion and nugget formation
Biofilms living on gold (Au) grains play a key role in the biogeochemical cycle of Au by promoting the dispersion of Au via the formation of Au nanoparticles as well as the formation of secondaryExpand
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A comparison of three means of pressurized aerosol inhaler use.
The bronchodilator response to 200 micrograms of fenoterol hydrobromide using 3 different methods of inhalation from a pressurized aerosol metered-dose inhaler, was studied in 13 asthmatic patients.Expand
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Numerical Approach to the Overland Flow Process in Vegetative Filter Strips
Agricultural and other disturbed lands contribute to non-point source pollution of water bodies (streams and lakes). Vegetative filter strips (VFS) are often recommended to reduce off-site impacts.Expand
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