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Restoration of Degraded Tropical Forest Landscapes
The current scale of deforestation in tropical regions and the large areas of degraded lands now present underscore the urgent need for interventions to restore biodiversity, ecological functioning,Expand
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Plantation forests and biodiversity: oxymoron or opportunity?
Losses of natural and semi-natural forests, mostly to agriculture, are a significant concern for biodiversity. Against this trend, the area of intensively managed plantation forests increases, andExpand
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Productivity, nutrient cycling, and succession in single- and mixed-species plantations of Casuarina equisetifolia, Eucalyptus robusta, and Leucaena leucocephala in Puerto Rico
Abstract Tree growth, biomass productivity, litterfall mass and nutrient content, changes in soil chemical properties and understory forest succession were evaluated over a 8.5-year period in single-Expand
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Abstract Forest clearing, forest degradation through human disturbance, and the deterioration of land productivity due to inappropriate agricultural practices is a major problem in the tropics.Expand
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Influence of overstory composition on understory colonization by native species in plantations on a degraded tropical site
Patterns of understory colonization by native and naturalized trees and shrubs were evaluated in 4.5-year-old plantations of three exotic tree species, Casuarina equisetifolia, Eucalyptus robusta,Expand
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Healing plants of peninsular India.
Descriptions: scientiic and vernacular names botanical description range and natual habitat medicinal properties and traditional uses colour photographs key references. Glossaries: medical andExpand
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Planted forests and biodiversity.
Expansion of planted forests and intensification of their management has raised concerns among forest managers and the public over the implications of these trends for sustainable production andExpand
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Greater Soil Carbon Sequestration under Nitrogen-fixing Trees Compared with Eucalyptus Species
Forests with nitrogen-fixing trees (N–fixers) typically accumulate more carbon (C) in soils than similar forests without N–fixing trees. This difference may develop from fundamentally differentExpand
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An evaluation of direct seeding for reforestation of degraded lands in central São Paulo State, Brazil
Abstract As part of a larger study evaluating several silvicultural techniques for restoring tropical moist forests on abandoned agricultural lands in southeastern Brazil, direct seeding with fiveExpand
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