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Dipolarity, hydrogen-bond basicity and hydrogen-bond acidity of aqueous poly(ethylene glycol) solutions.
It was observed that PEG decreases alpha for water while it does not change pi* and beta appreciably in the range of the molecular weight and compositions studied. Expand
Estimation of bioconcentration factor in fish, adsorption coefficient for soils and sediments and interfacial tension with water for organic nonelectrolytes based on the linear solvation energy
Bioconcentration factors (BCF) in fish, adsorption coefficients on soils and sediments (Koc) and interfacial tensions of organic nonelectrolytes with water (σow) are well correlated by linearExpand
Azithromycin as a new chiral selector in capillary electrophoresis.
The results show that AZM is a viable chiral selector in CE for the enantioseparation of the type of chiral drugs investigated. Expand
Modifier effects in open tubular capillary column supercritical fluid chromatography
Abstract Recently, the solvatochromic comparison method was successfully applied to determine the effects of adding a modifier to the mobile phase in packed capillary columns, and we have extendedExpand
Separation of enantiomers on bovine serum albumin coated zirconia in reversed-phase liquid chromatography
SummaryZirconia is known to be one of the best materials for the chromatographic support due to its excellent chemical, thermal and mechanical stability. In this work we report preparation and use ofExpand
Enantioseparation of basic chiral compounds on a clindamycin phosphate-silica/zirconia hybrid monolith by capillary electrochromatography.
The column was employed for capillary electrochromatographic enantioseparation of eight basic chiral drugs in mobile phases consisting of acetonitrile, methanol and ammonium acetate (AA, as the electrolyte). Expand
Enantioseparation of amino acid amides on an (S)‐N‐(3,5‐dinitrobenzoyl)leucine‐N‐phenyl‐N‐propylamide‐bonded silica in normal phase CEC
Shorter retention and better enantioselectivities were observed in the eluents of higher IPA content, whereas resolution became lower as IPA content was increased and much better in CEC than CLC. Expand
Enantioseparation of racemic N-acylarylalkylamines on various amino alcohol derived tau-acidic chiral stationary phases.
The role of each functional group on the five chiral selectors is explained, and the chromatographic resolution results were compared with those of previously reported CSPs. Expand
Reversed phase liquid chromatographic separation of some mono-substituted phenols with calix[6]arene-ρ-sulfonate-modified eluents
SummaryThe utility of water-soluble calix[6]arene-ρ-sulfonate as a mobile phase additive has been investigated for the reversed phase liquid chromatographic separation of some monosubstituted phenolExpand