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American Power, East Asian Regionalism and Emerging Powers: in or against empire?
Abstract Recent years have seen a revival of discussions on American decline. This paper intervenes in this debate by suggesting that there is a tendency towards partial conceptualisations of USExpand
American Hegemony and the Rise of Emerging Powers : Cooperation or Conflict
Book Description Over the last decade, the United States' position as the world's most powerful state has appeared increasingly unstable. The US invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, non-traditionalExpand
What Is, and What Is Not, A Capitalist Empire
ABSTRACT This study argues that a historical materialist theory of what a capitalist empire is has yet to be fully articulated. It proceeds to lay out such a theory. The paper outlines a theory ofExpand
Contested American dominance
Expanding Geopolitical Economy: A Critique of the Theory of Successive Hegemonies
Abstract This paper situates geopolitical economy in light of a broader rethinking of the history of capitalism and international power. It discusses why the ideas of British and American hegemonyExpand