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Quantitative analysis of soft bottoms infaunal macrobenthic polychaetes from South Shetland Islands (Antarctica)
The analysis of environmental parameters showed that the influence of the environmental factors on the communities of polychaetes was only moderate, and the variable which grouped the stations in a consistent manner was the percentage of organic matter with depth.
Distribution and diversity of the Opheliidae (Annelida, Polychaeta) on the continental shelf and slope of Iceland, with a review of the genus Ophelina in northeast Atlantic waters and description of
The diversity, taxonomy and distribution of the Opheliidae in Icelandic waters is reviewed based on material collected during the BIOICE project, and the status of each species originally described or subsequently reported from the area is commented on, and a key to the currently valid species is presented.
Quantitative analysis of soft-bottom polychaetes of the Bellingshausen Sea and Gerlache Strait (Antarctica)
The present study provides further support to previous ones that considered the shelf of the Bellingshausen Sea as a differentiated region within the Southern Ocean, clearly distinct to the adjacent Weddell and Scott Seas and the Antarctic Peninsula.
Phylogeny of Oweniidae (Polychaeta) based on morphological data and taxonomic revision of Australian fauna
Phylogenetic hypotheses confirmed the monophyly of Oweniidae and suggested sister-group relationships with Magelonidae, although weakly supported and recognised Myrioglobula as a junior synonym of Myriochele based on the presence of acicular chaetae and the shape of the head.
Community structure and spatial distribution of benthic fauna in the Bellingshausen Sea (West Antarctica)
Positive correlations were found between the faunal distribution and a combination of depth, redox values, and organic matter content of sediments, which indicates decreasing availability of food in the deeper bottoms of the Bellingshausen Sea with a prevalence of depauperated bottoms dominated almost exclusively by a foraminiferans community.
Taxonomy and distribution of the genus Amphicteis (Polychaeta: Ampharetidae) collected by the BIOICE project in Icelandic waters
Based on material collected during the BIOICE project off Iceland, four species of polychaetous annelids belonging to the genus Amphicteis Grube, 1850 were found and a new species is described, characterized by the presence of long, slender and evenly tapered paleae, and long dorsal cirri on thoracic and abdominal neuropodia.
“Errant” polychaetes of the Livingston Island shelf (South Shetlands, Antarctica), with the description of a new species
The taxonomic results of the examination of the “errant” families of the polychaetes collected during the Spanish cruise “Bentart 94” are presented, and a new species is described.
Taxonomy and distribution of Terebellides (Polychaeta, Trichobranchidae) in Icelandic waters, with the description of a new species
Based on material collected during the BIOICE project, the taxonomy and distribution of Terebellides (Polychaeta; Trichobranchidae) in Icelandic waters is presented and several body characters with high taxonomic value in Tere Bellides are reviewed under the SEM.
Polychaeta of the ‘DIVA-Artabria I’ project (cruise 2002) in the continental shelf and upper slope off Galicia (NW Spain)
Polychetes du projet 'DIVA-Artabria 1' (campagne 2002) sur le talus et le plateau continental au large de la Galice (Espagne). Ce travail a pour but d'etudier les Polychetes recoltes pendant la