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Three dimensional structure and morphology of pelagic fish schools
The 3D morphology and internal structure of pelagic schools observed using vertical-scanning multibeam sonar support the hypothesis of ‘auto-organization of the fish inside schools’, meaning that the distribution of fish within a school arises from the elementary reaction of the individuals.
Morphological differentiation of southern pink shrimp Farfantepenaeus notialis in Colombian Caribbean Sea
The DFA of morphological differences between individuals (female/male) showed strong overlapping and no clear separation between regions, which indicates a single population of F. notialis from the morphometric point of view.
Reproduction of the electric ray Narcine bancroftii (Torpediniformes: Narcinidae) in Santa Marta, Colombian Caribbean
It is proposed that the gestation period extends during four months, starting with the birth of individuals in February and finishing in April, which corresponds to the end of the reproductive period of Narcine bancroftii.
Catch composition of deep-sea resources of commercial importance in the Colombian Caribbean
Recent studies in the Colombian Caribbean Sea describe the potential for a new deep-sea crustacean fishery between 200 a 550-m depth. In order to support appropriate management plans for their