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Remaining useful life prediction for supercapacitor based on long short-term memory neural network
A life prediction method based on long short-term memory neural network is used to learn the long-term dependence of degraded capacity of supercapacitor. Expand
Applications of 2D MXenes in energy conversion and storage systems.
The potential of MXenes for the photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants in water, such as dye waste, is addressed, along with their promise as catalysts for ammonium synthesis from nitrogen. Expand
Synthesis of hydrophobic carbon nanotubes/reduced graphene oxide composite films by flash light irradiation
Carbon nanotubes/graphene composites have superior mechanical, electrical and electrochemistry properties with carbon nanotubes as a hydrophobicity boosting agent. Their extraordinary hydrophobicExpand
Three-dimensional nanostructured graphene: Synthesis and energy, environmental and biomedical applications
Abstract Three-dimensional (3D) nanostructured graphene can be used as a replacement or enrichment material. This review presents the types of 3D graphene developed thus far, for example, nanoshells,Expand
Self-Terminating Confinement Approach for Large-Area Uniform Monolayer Graphene Directly over Si/SiOx by Chemical Vapor Deposition.
This CVD approach is easily scalable and will make graphene formation directly on Si wafers competitive against that from metal substrates, which suffer from transfer. Expand
Graphene-Like ZnO: A Mini Review
The isolation of a single layer of graphite, known today as graphene, not only demonstrated amazing new properties but also paved the way for a new class of materials often referred to asExpand
On the Role of Vapor Trapping for Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Grown Graphene over Copper
The role of sample chamber configuration for the chemical vapor deposition of graphene over copper was investigated in detail. A configuration in which the gas flow is unrestricted was shown to leadExpand
Electron-Driven In Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy of 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenides and Their 2D Heterostructures.
A body of recent research from the various techniques available in the transmission electron microscope to structurally and analytically characterize layered TMDs is presented and the advantages of TEM with other characterization techniques are compared. Expand
Hybrid genetic algorithm method for efficient and robust evaluation of remaining useful life of supercapacitors
This work proposes a general strategy based on the combination between a recurrent neutral network method, i.e., long short-term memory, and hybrid genetic algorithm, and applies this predication method to supercapacitors charging at steady state mode and succeeds in estimating their remaining useful life. Expand