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Finite-Dimensional Variational Inequalities and Complementarity Problems
Newton Methods for Nonsmooth Equations.- Global Methods for Nonsmooth Equations.- Equation-Based Algorithms for Complementarity Problems.- Algorithms for Variational Inequalities.- Interior and
Mathematical Programs with Equilibrium Constraints
Results in the book are expected to have significant impacts in such disciplines as engineering design, economics and game equilibria, and transportation planning, within all of which MPEC has a central role to play in the modelling of many practical problems.
Finite-dimensional variational inequality and nonlinear complementarity problems: A survey of theory, algorithms and applications
A state-of-the-art review of developments in finite-dimensional variational inequality and complementarity problems as well as a summary of some open research topics in this growing field are provided.
Strategic gaming analysis for electric power systems: an MPEC approach
Transmission constraints and market concentration may prevent power markets from being fully competitive, allowing firms to exercise market power and raise prices above marginal cost. We present a
Differential variational inequalities
This paper introduces and studies the class of differential variational inequalities (DVIs) in a finite-dimensional Euclidean space, and establishes the convergence of such a procedure for solving initial-value DVIs.
Oligopolistic Competition in Power Networks: A Conjectured Supply Function Approach
Conjectured supply function (CSF) models of competition among power generators on a linearized DC network are presented. As a detailed survey of the power market modeling literature shows, CSF models
Newton's Method for B-Differentiable Equations
  • J. Pang
  • Mathematics
    Math. Oper. Res.
  • 1 April 1990
The classical Newton method for solving continuously differentiable systems of nonlinear equations to B -differentiable systems to provide a unified framework for the nonlinear complementarity, variational inequality and nonlinear programming problems is extended.
Engineering and Economic Applications of Complementarity Problems
The goal of this documentation is to summarize the essential applications of the nonlinear complementarity problem known to date, to provide a basis for the continued research on the non linear complementarityproblem, and to supply a broad collection of realistic complementarity problems for use in algorithmic experimentation and other studies.
Convex Optimization, Game Theory, and Variational Inequality Theory
A unified view of some basic theoretical foundations and main techniques in convex optimization, game theory, and VI theory is provided, putting special emphasis on the generality of the VI framework, showing how it allows to tackle several interesting problems in nonlinear analysis, classical optimization, and equilibrium programming.
A Unified Algorithmic Framework for Block-Structured Optimization Involving Big Data: With applications in machine learning and signal processing
In this article, various features and properties of the BSUM are discussed from the viewpoint of design flexibility, computational efficiency, parallel/distributed implementation, and the required communication overhead.