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Influence of Glucocorticoids on Human Osteoclast Generation and Activity
It is shown that dexamethasone stimulated osteoclast generation at a pharmacological concentration but did not affect the life span of human osteoclasts.
Tissue and isoform-selective activation of protein kinase C in insulin-resistant obese Zucker rats - effects of feeding.
Hem hepatic PKC activity is higher in obese rats under basal fasting conditions and feeding-induced activation of DAG-PKC signalling occurs selectively in muscle of obese (fa/fa) rats due to increased D AG-mediated activation and/or synthesis of PKC-theta and PKc-epsilon.
Smooth muscle dysfunction occurs independently of impaired endothelium-dependent dilation in adults at risk of atherosclerosis.
The vasodilator response to exogenous NO is impaired in asymptomatic subjects with reduced EDD, consistent with smooth muscle dysfunction in adults at risk for atherosclerosis.
Impaired vascular responses to nitroglycerin in subjects with coronary atherosclerosis.
The doses required to produce a 50% maximal dilator response were significantly higher in patients with coronary artery disease than in controls, suggesting smooth muscle dysfunction in atherosclerosis.
Decomposition of beclomethasone propionate esters in human plasma
The decomposition reactions of BDP, 17‐BMP, and BOH in HP exhibit pseudo‐first‐order kinetics, however the degradation reactions ofBDP in solutions of 1% HSA and phosphate buffer were found to follow pseudo‐zero‐ order kinetics.
Comparative kinetics of metabolism of beclomethasone propionate esters in human lung homogenates and plasma.
Effective activation of BDP in HLu, in combination with transesterification of 17-BMP in HP, might favor a high ratio of local antiinflammatory activity to systemic side effects following inhalation of B DP.
Effect of changing the fine particle mass of inhaled beclomethasone dipropionate on intrapulmonary deposition and pharmacokinetics.
Results suggest that asthmatic patients can be treated with lower total daily doses of drug from HFA-B DP extrafine aerosol than from CFC-BDP.
Do medical courses adequately prepare interns for safe and effective prescribing in New South Wales public hospitals?
Aims: To assess ability of interns immediately before starting clinical practice in New South Wales (NSW) teaching hospitals to prescribe medications safely and appropriately and to describe their