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Assessment of somaclonal variation in asparagus by RAPD fingerprinting and cytogenetic analyses
Abstract RAPD and cytogenetic analyses were carried out to detect somaclonal variation in somatic embryo-derived plants from two elite genotypes (‘265’ and ‘357’) of Asparagus officinalis L. cv.Expand
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Examination of the hybrid origin of the wild potato Solanum ruiz-lealii Brücher
The common potato, tetraploid Solanum tuberosum spp. tuberosum L. (tbr), has a narrow genetic base but a large number of related tuber-bearing species that harbor genetic diversity for agronomicExpand
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Crossability relationships among the wild diploid potato species Solanum kurtzianum, S. chacoense and S. ruiz-lealii from Argentina
The wild tuber-bearing Solanumspecies represent a genetic pool of enormous diversity, embracing high variability for many agronomic traits. S. kurtzianum (ktz), S. chacoense(chc) and S. ruiz-lealiiExpand
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Crossability relationships between the common potato, Solanum tuberosum spp. tuberosum, and its wild diploid relatives S. kurtzianum and S. ruiz-lealii
The common potato, Solanum tuberosum spp. tuberosum (tbr), is a tetraploid species with a narrow genetic base, but with a large number of related species that harbor great genetic diversity forExpand
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Somatic embryogenesis in Asparagus officinalis L. cv. Argenteuil: interactions between genotype, explant type and growth regulators on callus induction, growth and embryogenic differentiation.
Callus induction, growth and embryogenic differentiation were studied in two selected genotypes of Asparagus officinalis L. cv. Argenteuil, to develop a protocol for somatic embryogenesis. TwoExpand
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Replacing conventional with brown midrib corn silage in a total mixed ration: the impact on early and late lactation dairy cow intake, milk yield and composition, and milk fatty acids profile
Brown midrib corn silage (BMRS) is used as an alternative to conventional corn silage (CS) to increase milk yield because of its higher neutral detergent fibre digestibility (NDFD) and DM intakeExpand
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Brown-midrib corn silage in finishing steer diet: effects on animal performance, in vivo digestibility and ruminal kinetics disappearance
Lower lignin content in brown-midrib corn silage (BMRCS) than in conventional corn silage results in greater digestibility and dry-matter intake. Despite this advantage, the use of BMRCS has not beenExpand