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Large-scale patterns of benthic marine communities in the Brazilian Province
As marine ecosystems are influenced by global and regional processes, standardized information on community structure has become crucial for assessing broad-scale responses to natural andExpand
Spatial patterns and drivers of fish and benthic reef communities at São Tomé Island, Tropical Eastern Atlantic
1Programa de Pós‐Graduação em Ecologia, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Florianópolis, Brasil 2Laboratório de Biogeografia e Macroecologia Marinha, Departamento de Ecologia e Zoologia, CentroExpand
South‐western Atlantic reef fishes: Zoogeographical patterns and ecological drivers reveal a secondary biodiversity centre in the Atlantic Ocean
Hudson T. Pinheiro1,2,3 | Luiz A. Rocha1,2 | Raphael M. Macieira4 | Alfredo Carvalho-Filho5 | Antônio B. Anderson6 | Mariana G. Bender6 | Fabio Di Dario7 | Carlos Eduardo L. Ferreira8 | JesséExpand
Brazilian tropical fishes in their southern limit of distribution: checklist of Santa Catarina’s rocky reef ichthyofauna, remarks and new records
We present a checklist of 278 species of reef fishes recorded along the coastline of Santa Catarina state, the southernmost limit of distribution of tropical ichthyofauna on the coast of Brazil.Expand
Varias especies de animales marinos establecen temporalmente asociaciones de caza interespecificas, en las cuales especies oportunistas siguen a otras especies llamadas nucleares mientras estasExpand
Interaction Networks in Tropical Reefs
Tropical reefs are, figuratively, the underwater counterparts of tropical rainforests. Both complex, three-dimensional natural systems harbour an impressive diversity of species. The diversity ofExpand
Unusual reef fish biomass and functional richness at Malpelo, a remote island in the Tropical Eastern Pacific
Fish assemblages can vary across temporal and spatial scales due to changes in habitat structure and the influence of local factors such as wave exposure, depth and anthropogenic influence. ThisExpand
The omnivorous triggerfish Melichthys niger is a functional herbivore on an isolated Atlantic oceanic island.
This study evaluated the functional role of the highly generalist omnivore Melichthys niger in the remote St. Peter and St Paul's Archipelago (SPSPA), Brazil, where grazing herbivorous fishes areExpand
Life-history traits, geographical range, and conservation aspects of reef fishes from the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific.
Reef fish represent one of the most diverse vertebrate groups on Earth, with over 7000 species distributed around the globe. This richness is not evenly distributed geographically. The Atlantic (AT)Expand
Determinants of reef fish assemblages in tropical Oceanic islands
Diversity patterns are determined by biogeographic, energetic, and anthropogenic factors, yet few studies have combined them into a large-scale framework in order to decouple and compare theirExpand