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Conservation and Utilisation of Abies guatemalensis Rehder (Pinaceae) – An Endangered Endemic Conifer in Central America
This is the first review on taxonomy, morphology, ecology, conservation and utilisation of Abies guatemalensis, an endangered endemic conifer in Central America, and suggests establishment of Christmas tree and greenery plantations which could generate significant income for the local farmers.
Conservation through utilization: a case study of the Vulnerable Abies guatemalensis in Guatemala
This case study focuses on Abies guatemalensis, a Vulnerable Mesoamerican conifer that is illegally used for timber, shingles, charcoal and Christmas tree production, and is moderately optimistic that the conservation through utilization strategy may be successful for this species in Guatemala.
A novel human-based nature-conservation paradigm in Guatemala paves the way for overcoming the metabolic rift
Nature-conservation practices in the Global South are fraught with uncertainty due to fragile environmental governance and conflict stemming from their subaltern position in global capitalism, given
Una serie de comparaciones entre los valores medios de 15 variables asociadas a la sostenibilidad agrícola, la seguridad alimentaria y a la resiliencia frente al cambio climático fue llevada a cabo
Conservation by cultivation : Linkages between an endangered endemic fir ( Abies guatemalensis Rehder ) and peasant economies in the Guatemalan Western Highlands
Introduction As one of the components of the project “Sustainable greenery production – an innovative tool for improving rural livelihood and rescuing endemic conifers in Central America”, this
Forum introduction: Decolonising green Marxism: Capitalism, decolonialism and radical environmental politics
Much of this debate is reflected in the disagreement between John Bellamy Foster and Jason Moore, over the way and the extent to which we can conceptualise capitalism as a process that systematically