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Noradrenaline supersensitivity of the mouse vas deferens after long‐term treatment with morphine
It has been reported recently that withdrawal from morphine increases the maximum response of the isolated vas deferens, colon and anococcygeus muscle of the rat without a leftward displacement ofExpand
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Cannabis sativa induces “winning” behaviour in previously “loser” rats
It has been reported recently (Masur, Martz & others, 1971) that the administration of 2.5 mg/kg of (-)-A9-trans-tetrahydrocannabinol increases the probability of “winning” behaviour in ratsExpand
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[Colonoscopy technic. Evaluation of 80 examinations].
Eighty colonoscopies were done in 77 patients with the CF-MB Olympus colonoscope. A schedule of the examination is analyzed. The bowel preparation can be done at the patient's home. If the patient isExpand
[Colonoscopy technic. Evaluation of 50 examinations].
Effects of intravenous glucose and aminoácids of gástric secretion.
Five healthy females were submitted to parenteral nutrition with amino acids and glucose solution and the acidity and volume of gastric juice were studied. No alterations were noted in the valuesExpand
Enzyme histochemistry of the small intestine in inherited ichthyosis.
Enzyme histochemistry of biopsies from the small intestine of 5 patients with different forms of inherited ichthyosis and of 2 normal volunteers was performed. Two of the patients had ichthyosisExpand
Psychopharmacological properties of the viminol-p-hydroxybenzoate.
The authors studied the viminol-p-hydroxybenzoate (RN: Dividol) through some psychopharmacological tests, making its comparison with neuroleptic and narcotic drugs, with the principal aim ofExpand
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[Use of prolonged parenteral feeding in the treatment of duodenal fistula].