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Biomass Production of ‘Alamo’ Switchgrass in Response to Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Row Spacing
Management practices for biomass production of bioenergy grasses may differ from management for forage. Our objective was to determine the yield and stand responses of Alamo' switchgrass (PanicumExpand
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Biofuel component concentrations and yields of switchgrass in South Central U.S. environments.
Optimizing biofuel production and quality from switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) may require matching of ecotype and morphological type to environments, particularly in southern regions. NineExpand
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Biomass Yield and Stand Characteristics of Switchgrass in South Central U.S. Environments
Optimizing feedstock production from switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) requires careful matching of genotype to environment, especially for southern U.S. regions. Nine genotypes from fourExpand
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Effect of pelleting on efficacy of sericea lespedeza hay as a natural dewormer in goats.
Resistance of gastrointestinal nematodes (GIN) to anthelmintic treatment has increased pressure to find alternative, non-chemical control methods. Feeding hay of the high condensed tannin (CT) forageExpand
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Export of manure phosphorus and nitrogen in turfgrass sod.
Regulatory mandates have increased demand for best management practices (BMPs) that will reduce nutrient loading on watersheds impaired by excess manure P and N. Export of manure P and N in turfgrassExpand
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Switchgrass simulation by the ALMANAC model at diverse sites in the southern US.
Simulation models for plant species important for biofuel such as switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) can be used to make management decisions related to biomass productivity and related toExpand
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Nutrient movement and removal in a switchgrass biomass-filter strip system treated with dairy manure.
Manure use on cropland has raised concern about nutrient contamination of surface and ground waters. Warm-season perennial grasses may be useful in filter strips to trap manure nutrients and asExpand
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Comparison of growth and performance in upland and lowland switchgrass types to water and nitrogen stress.
The objective of the study was to examine lowland (Alamo and Kanlow) and upland (Blackwell and Caddo) cultivars of switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) for differences in response to water deficit andExpand
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The multi-faceted role of condensed tannins in the goat ecosystem
This manuscript seeks to summarize much, but by no means all, we already know about condensed tannins (CT) in goat ecosystems. Herbage CT influences much more than simply nutrition. From before theExpand
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Dairy manure compost improves soil and increases tall wheatgrass yield
Confined animal feeding dairy operations have generated excess amounts of manure, creating a need to identify alternative uses for this plant nutrient source. The objectives in this study were to (i)Expand
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