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The organization of gene in yeast mitochondrial DNA
Summary1)We have constructed independent physical maps of the mtDNAs from three different wild-type Saccharomyces strains by double-digestion analysis and hybridization analysis, using restrictionExpand
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The organization of genes in yeast mitochondrial DNA
SummaryWe have fractionated fragments of yeast mtDNA, obtained with restriction endonucleases, on poly(U)-Sephadex columns using the procedure of Flavell and Van den Berg (FEBS Letters (1975) 58,Expand
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The organization of genes in yeast mitochondrial DNA. I. The genes for large and small ribosomal RNA are far apart.
Summary We have determined the position of the two rRNA cistrons on the physical map of the mtDNA of Saccharomyces carlsbergensis obtained with restriction endonucleases. Hybridization of 125Expand
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Fine structure of the 21S ribosomal RNA region on yeast mitochondrial DNA
Summary1We have used restriction enzyme analysis of petite mtDNAs to construct a detailed physical map of the 21S region on the mtDNA of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain JS1-3D. The map covers aExpand
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The organization of genes in yeast mitochondrial DNA
Summary1.We have isolated large fragments of the mtDNA of the yeast Saccharomyces carlsbergensis and digested these with restriction endonucleases. The digestion products were separated byExpand
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The construction of the physical maps of three different Saccharomyces mitochondrial DNAs
In this Appendix we shall present the construction of the physical maps of the mtDNAs isolated from Saccharomyces carIsbergensis NCYC74, Saccharomyces cerevisiae JS1-3D and KL14-4A. The three mapsExpand
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Production of protein or polypeptide by industrial bacillus strain
PURPOSE: To efficiently produce a desired protein or polypeptide by using a transformed industrial Bacillus strain. CONSTITUTION: A transformed prototrophic industrial Bacillus strain resistant toExpand