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Some Techniques for the Preparation, Study, and Storage in Microvials of Insect Genitalia
Suggestions are made for the storage of genitalia in Glycerine within microvials, especially the avoidance of too much glycerine and the need to slant the vials to keep the corks dry when they are pinned. Expand
A Taxonomic Study of Graminella nigrifrons, a Vector of Corn Stunt Disease, and Its Congeners in the United States (Homoptera: Cicadellidae: Deltocephalinae)
This study treats the 15 species of the leaf hopper genus Graminella DeLong known to occur in the United States. G. nigrifrons (Forbes), the commonest and most widespread species, is of specialExpand
Ecology and Evolution of Leafhopper—Grass Host Relationships in North American Grasslands
This chapter summarizes current knowledge concerning ecological and evolutionary relationships between leafhoppers and North American grasslands and focuses on recent work in the own laboratory. Expand
Myndus crudus (Homoptera: Cixiidae) in Cancun, Mexico
55 chemicals that were unsuitable internal dye markers for adult A. suspensa are discerned; perhaps some dyes are ovicidal. Expand